Rosenfeld’s pieces reveal the connectivity of all by blending the background with the foreground, the past with the future as a result of his “polypasting” process. Sometimes enhanced by slow shutter speed in his photography or unwilling collaboration on the street.

If you look closely to the bottom left corner of the image you will see five layers, each one done by another person. A construction worker probably painted the board green then a tagger with yellow spray paint went over the green board. Rosenfeld (polypasting) pasted a photo on the green board and over the yellow tag. Another person tagged over Rosenfeld with white spray paint and finally, graffiti artist “Phetus” did a huge piece which said “Cheer Up Korea” and went over Rosenfeld’s piece. Rosenfeld, with the help of paint stripper, brought back part of his piece hence creating a new piece in collaboration with several people.


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